uSwitch App

Product Design

uSwitch is one of the largest service switchers in the UK. But didn't have a stand alone app until now. With the first release our focus was on the energy switching market (the largest revenue provider). My role was to lead the design from concept to development and beyond. 

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Or check out the project case study below. 

uswitch app - complete1uswitch app - complete1
uswitch app - complete2uswitch app - complete2
uswitch app - complete3uswitch app - complete3
uswitch app - complete4uswitch app - complete4
uswitch app - complete5uswitch app - complete5
uswitch app - complete6uswitch app - complete6
uswitch app - complete7uswitch app - complete7
uswitch app - complete 8uswitch app - complete 8
uswitch app - complete 9uswitch app - complete 9
uswitch app - complete 10uswitch app - complete 10