Hi! I'm Andrew Burton.
product designer available for hire, get in touch.

Find my musings on medium, doodles on dribbble, snaps on instagramvitals on LinkedIn, follow me on twitter or view my CV below. Alternatively, you can just email me at andrewburtondesign@gmail.com. I am always interested in new projects, so drop me a line anytime.



2018 - Present

Co-founder and Product Director

Tona is a fitness platform for planning, recording and sharing gym workouts. We sell software to gyms that increases their retention and offer a freemium app for gym goers worldwide to track their gains and improve their performance in a fun competitive community. In my role I've taken the idea from conception to completion on Android, iOS and the Web, overseeing a team of 10 to ensure the product is usable, stable, scalable and desirable. 

Senior Product Designer

Part of the squad responsible for launching new Hudl products in markets worldwide, primarily focusing on tools for Leagues such as the Premier League. Working on live game tagging, tracking and casting and helping transform Hudl into a true platform.

Lead Designer

Responsible for all design decisions within the company, leading the small team in its goal of 1m new users within a year. Heading a complete rebrand and its application from styleguide to websites as well as improving and repositioning a previously discordant product, a desktop app aimed at data users.

Senior Designer

Heading the visual rebranding of uSwitch with a focus on user centred interfaces and interactions that delight and convert. Driven by data and with a mobile first approach. Designing various multi platform products and features across the site & app that have increased revenue.


Often lead designer on various UI / UX / branding / advertising design projects . Working with various high profile clients such as RBS and MTV.


Brand creation, graphic, produc and web design for multiple start ups, established companies and individuals. Work also includes art direction. Available for hire now, simply email me at andrewburtondesign@gmail.com

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